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Japanese Maple Show and Teaching Garden

(Pomona, New York) September 17, 2019 –Down to Earth Living, a 50-year-old business in Rockland County, has turned a section of their garden center into a Japanese Maple walking tour and teaching garden for the fall. Open now through October 15 at their Pomona location at 1040 Route 45, the garden features familiar and unusual decorative maples that fall under the category of Japanese Maples and each tree has an informative placard that explains more about the specific variety being featured.

“Japanese maples tend to stand out because they exhibit more vibrant color and combinations of color than regular maples and people often travel miles to see them each autumn,” says Stuart Leventhal, owner of Down to Earth Living. “The color of their leaves varies from bright yellow to lime green to maroon as well as a mix of these colors which we refer to as variegated. Maples are one of the most sought-after plants for suburban gardens, not only for their colors, but also for the variety of sizes—from low growing and even ground covering maples to those growing to 18 feet tall or more and they can easily live for over 100 years.” He noted that there is a species designed to thrive in almost every type of soil condition and because they are slow growing, those who want to use them in a garden are encouraged to purchase the largest one that will also fit their budget.

Close up of Japanese Maple LeavesCustomers will be able to walk through the free outdoor garden show along stone walkways designed to highlight the variety of trees; several outdoor sculptures will be on display as well. Down to Earth Living stocks more than 25 varieties of Japanese maples and included in the mix are some unusual flat-top trees. “The weeping form, which also displays many colors, and stays relatively compact, seems to be the most exciting to the public, especially the purple-red varieties,” Leventhal says, noting that when considering purchasing a maple for your property, the guiding principles should be form, color and ultimate size. He also noted that fall is an excellent time for planting trees and shrubs.

Maple trees have been a part of Japanese history for centuries although they can also come from Korea and China. It is believed that the first recorded plant dates back to the 7th century. Fried maple leaves are a very popular snack in Osaka, and apparently have been for at least a thousand years. The maple leaves are dipped and fried in tempura batter, which give them their unique taste.

Detail of Gorgeous Japanese Maple TreeFor more information about the show, visit www.dteliving.com. Down to Earth Living, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, is a gracious outdoor living furnishings and beautiful home decor store, on 12.5 acres in Pomona, attracting customers from Rockland, Bergen, Orange, Westchester and even Fairfield County Connecticut. Down to Earth Living is open 9 am – 5 pm daily and can be reached at 845-354-8500.