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From Our Blog

Trimming the Perfect Tree!

Santa Tree

Masterful tree trimming doesn’t happen by accident! We should know. Each year, the tree decorating experts at Down to Earth Living trim a dozen trees throughout our huge Christmas showcase… and they’ve decided to share some of their secrets.

Start with a Garland or Ribbon

First add the garland or ribbon to the tree. Be sure to weave the ribbon or garland into the tree every three feet for a rounder more dynamic look. Start at the top and spiral your way down. You can attach curls of coordinated ribbon to the main ribbon to add more drama.

Add floral elements into the tree.

Always work largest to smallest and cluster different stems together. Concentrate most of the floral to the top of the tree for a wow factor.

Always start from largest to smallest.

Add the larger ornaments and position them further into the branches of the tree. Medium sized ornaments are best when clustered in pairs.

The smallest ornaments should be clustered in groups of three to prevent them from getting lost in the arrangement. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and textures in these clusters. As you reduce the size of the ornament, come further out on the branches of the tree.

Last is to add the smallest ‘special ornaments’ to the tree. Keep the personalized elements of your tree prominent. Attach the most interesting ornaments to the ends of the stems with wire, suing the length of the stem to move the items to the forefront.

Add the unexpected!

Mix items you love from your Christmas or personal collections into and around your tree. If you really want your tree to stand out and make a statement, add sculptural elements such as Santas or carolers or musical instruments.