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From Our Blog

Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Lovely peacock Christmas ornament on our white and gold decked tree

Our elves have been decorating Christmas trees for over 50 years, and they wanted to share some tips to help you decorate your tree like a pro this year!

  1. Take your fresh cut tree and place it in a stand.
    A fresh tree can use up to 1 quart of water per day for each inch of diameter on the cut end. A typical 7-foot-tall tree may have a 3-inch trunk diameter, so will need up to 3 quarts of water per day. If your tree is taking up a lot of water, this is actually a good sign and indicates the tree is fresh and hydrated.
  2. String the lights carefully following each branch to the trunk and returning to the tip. You will be going in and out along the branches on each level before going on to the next level. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.
  3. Next place your ribbon and or garland on the tree
  4. After you have finished with ribbon, place your picks (the individual decorations that can be decorated branches or flowers and the like) around the tree following a triangular pattern.
  5. Next do your large ornaments and large decorations
  6. Finally do your smaller ornaments and keepsakes to complete the tree

Find the Perfect Tree

Down to Earth has a huge selection of Artificial and Fresh-Cut trees available every year, with Artificial Trees in stock and on display starting in November and fresh-cut trees arriving Thanksgiving week. Sizes range from 4.5 foot potted and free-standing artificial trees to 12 foot tall real and artificial giants! Stop by Down to Earth and find the perfect tree for your home.