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Make Good on Your Gardening Promises

Promises promises

You promised to lose weight. You promised to exercise.Etc.

You promised that you would finally plant that corner in your yard that has been screaming for attention for the last several years.

Now is the time to reimagine that area and plan for the spring. Now is the time to embrace the flower catalog and dream how that corner is going to come alive this year.

  1. Draw a rough sketch of your yard so that you can see what you already have and see what you may add to complement the existing planting
  2. Draw a careful sketch of the area you want to tackle. Include dimensions and sun exposure.
  3. Make a list of those plants you know you “must have”
  4. Test those plants for the sun exposure they need and compare to your sketch including sun exposure. This is quite important if this project is going to be successful
  5. Identify the height and width of the plants you are contemplating using. It is quite important that their placement will allow for growth and will not crowd out or block sun from adjacent plants
  6. On your drawing place the plants in their respective positions and imagine how they will look together when finally planted
  7. Choose your plants so that you will have complementary contrasts in texture and color and size
  8. Also note the seasonality of each plant so that you can maintain four season interest
  9. Contemplate adding stones, sculpture and ornaments to the area to make it come alive.

Enjoy your creation