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Trends in Outdoor Living

2016 Home Decor

2016 Home Decor

As the weather turns warm and our hearts move to outdoors we begin to long for the comforting warmth of the sun. We take stock of the environment of our homes and join with others in search of the perfect backyard.

To achieve our dreams we begin to realize that the outdoors is really a replication of the inside of our home. To make it function properly we must apply the same standards we have for the inside. We must divide the outdoor spaces into rooms. A room to cook and eat in, a room to sit and enjoy natures’ space and a room to play in.

Make a Plan!

To make the outdoors work for you requires planning. The first step is to measure the space and draw a map. The map must include an indication of the direction of the sun, note north, east, south and west on your drawing. The next step is to indicate the presence of immovable objects such as large trees, stone walls and obviously your home and any permanent construction such as patios or a deck.

Consult with the Experts

With this information in hand your best bet is to consult an expert at your local outdoor furniture store. They will be in a position to guide you with respect to the division of the available area by activity and show you how to accomplish your objectives. This consultation is generally free when it can be done in the store, some fees may be attendant with home visits.

You can share with your consultant your taste and have him show you furnishings that will be in keeping with your comfort level both in cost as well as design.

What’s Hot for 2016?

The current trends are toward simpler design, clean lines and more intimate spaces. These trends include vibrant colors that can raise the spirits. These colors may be incorporated as accents as well as bold backgrounds.

Also of interest is the eclectic nature of outdoor furnishings today. There is no longer a need to purchase matching furnishings for dining and seating; rather a collection of looks and colors is more pleasing and more exciting. You can marry each of your pieces by choosing colors that can carry across all areas as well as bringing the inside out.

Most people respond positively to color. Color can lift the spirits without assaulting you. Green can be calming, brown can be neutral, hot pink can be sobering whereas a light pink can be soothing, orange can be neutral whereas lime green can be awakening. How you combine your colors allows you to direct attention to a given area and create the emotion you wish to instill. It is a lot of fun to control emotion and direct attention with color. Try this with throw pillows you will see exactly what I am talking about.

The current trends say simple is better. Do your shouting with color. This brings us to the wonderful outdoor fabrics of today. For best results use woven acrylics. They are easy to maintain, clean easily and are vibrant. There is almost nothing you cannot achieve with acrylics. They can be soft and cuddly, smooth or textured, the choice is yours.

Welcome to today’s world of outdoor living where the only limitation is your imagination