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Smart Patio Furniture Maintenance & Care Tips

Portofino by Brown JordanThere are a few simple things you can do to insure your patio furniture set looks as pristine and beautiful as the day it was delivered! Our resident outdoor furniture expert Susan shares the following helpful tips…

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER use any wax on fabric (slings and/or cushions) and use it sparingly on heavily textured pieces.

  • Never stack stackable chairs without putting a piece of material in between the legs and/or arms where the furniture nests.  This action will extend the life of the finish without chipping and without having to use touch-up paint.
  • Always close and tie umbrellas when you are not in attendance at the table (especially glass-top tables).  Umbrellas are never warrantied against “wind damage”.  When the umbrella is CLOSED AND TIED, you are in essence “girdling” the umbrella and protecting it and the table.
  • Car wax in liquid, spray form is one of your best friends for your furniture.  Once resin furniture is clean and dried, spray the wax onto a rag and “buff” the surface.  Never use a scrubby to clean your furniture, as it abrades the sheen and opens up even more (pores) to clean.  Use liquid spray car wax on clean, dry furniture, employing the same process to control pollen build up and have rain water bead up on the furniture the way it does on your car.